Father’s day gifts from kids or Baby

Your little toddler or kid is completely in awe of his Dad and has asked you about ten thousand times what he/ she should gift his Dad on this coming father’s Day! You can ask him to do a number of things that will make him happy and satisfied that he has done enough to make his father feel special. You can also encourage your kid to think and explore his creativity which will in a way benefit him in the long run. The following are a few of the gift item ideas which your kid can easily make or buy for his dad:

1. Father’s Day Card:

Ask your kid to write a message which can be as simple as I love you Dad and make a great card. Allow him to choose the colors and design of the card.


2.  Crown:

Your kid thinks of his dad as a superhero or a king then you can also encourage him to craft a crown and I am sure his dad will simply feel completely adored!

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3.  Record his songs:

You can ask your kid to sing a song for his dad and record it so that this is one memory that his dad will always cherish and will be one of the closest things to his heart.

4. Frame:

If your kid insists on buying something for his dad then you can suggest that he buys a plain frame which he can then decorate with clay or any of his paints. Ask him to pick a picture for which he thinks will be best for the frame.

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Your kid has a natural talent with words then you can ask him to pen down his feelings for his dad or a quote which he thinks best suits his dad. You will be amazed by what your little one will come up with! Plus not to forget your husband will simply be too overwhelmed with this amazing gesture of his little one.

6.  Paperweight:

Ask your kid to redecorate an old paperweight or make a new one. Ask him to make a list of all the things he will require to make this paperweight and also assist him in making it. Let your kid decide what he wants to write on the paperweight.

7.  Greeting card:

Sometimes kids get fascinated by other stuff which is available in the shops then you can take him to a gift shop and ask him to pick a card which he thinks will best suit his dad. This way you are encouraging him to analyze things before buying them.

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