Short Fathers Day Poems

It’s time to say thanks to your father for his unmatched love and care. On this day, you can show your gratefulness and love to your father in different ways; that is, either by giving lovely gifts, beautiful images, or otherwise by giving happy father’s day quotes to your adored father.

Fathers Day Poems from Kids (Funny)

Sometimes my homework is small
Sometimes my homework is long
But whenever I do my homework
My homework is always wrong

Sometimes I do my homework at a slow pace
Sometimes I do my homework in the fast lane
But however, I do my homework
my homework is still a pain

Sometimes my homework is easy
Sometimes my homework is hard
But whenever I can’t do my homework
I feel like a retard


Fathers Day Poems Funny

Fathers Day Funny Poems from son

Super Dad

I studied and watched you when I was a kid.
I knew you were special in all that you did.
You handled the problems that came, day by day;
Your brilliance came out in what you would say.

It defied understanding, I thought, every night,
Till one day I saw and was amazed by the sight.
I finally knew what I was missing before:
You were hanging your cape on a hidden door.

You’re the very best man I ever knew;
I hope to be a super person like you.

Fathers day poem is the literature-based way of wishing dad on the occasion of Fathers day that Happy Fathers Day Dad.

If you cant create a good father’s day poem on your own then you can get it here. For a average man sayings of fathers day are easier when it comes to Short Fathers Day wishes he can definitely make one of his own. The poem is something that your dad can never expect from his kid and it will be surprising to him. celebrating Fathers day 2022 in a funny way and making it a Funny Fathers Day 2022 will get out by use of Fathers Day poem.

Fathers Day Best Poem:

“Truly, truly, I say to you, the Son

can do nothing of his own accord,

but only what he sees the Father doing

. For whatever the Father does, that the

Son does likewise”

here in this poem poet is saying that if a son is trying to do something on his own he cant do it fully, in between this task he will be in the need of his dad definitely. We say this phrase many times while talking that ‘DAD IS DAD’, and it’s true. No one in this world is borne without his dad’s participant. the role of the father in everyone’s life is like the importance of oxygen in our life. If a son is copying his dad and moving further in his life then one day he will be as good as his dad. Dad will be happier if his son is copying him and following his instructions and adding his new ideas than dad is less worried about his son’s future.

“For all who are led by the Spirit of God are sons of God”

father talks a lot to his son and his son talks a lot to him, and the son does not understand why a father and son don’t talk to each other. In such cases, the relation is not weak but the need for communication is a must. For such silent relations Fathers, Day poem is good to opt for.


Short Fathers Day Poems

Short Fathers Day Poems :

For those who are not having much time to give to their family and especially their dad Short Fathers Day Poems and massages are most useful.  To know the best relations between father and son the movies like ‘Finding Nemo, ‘bicycle thieves are must watch. Short poems on Fathers Day are like this:

‘Lucky father I am to have a kid so caring and sweet.
Beautiful in every manner, from my kid’s cute little nose

down and small eyes to your pudgy feet.
Unknown to you when mommy and your dad met.
every day I thank God and forever ……….’


The Short Fathers Day Poems if Dad is expired and no more with the family, then the family must be missing his caring and beloved dad. For such a situation, the Short Fathers Day Poems are mentioned

‘To my dear family,
I’m sending this from above,
That even though I’m gone from earth,
I can still feel your love,
And all the times we spent together,
Growing a love that would ……….’

Short Poem of Father Day from son to Dad

Another Short Poem of Father Day from son to Dad on the occasion of Fathers Day is like :

‘When I am born, you are here
In your eye, I see a tear
Time flies and already I’m two
“Look, Daddy, I can tie my shoe
and also my tie!”
Before you know it, I’ve grown up
Every day, you thank God I’m your son

and feeling proud about it’


Short Poem of Father Day from son to Dad

Short Fathers Day Poem from Daughter:

‘When I was a baby girl,
you would hold me in your arms.
I felt the love and tenderness,
keeping me safe from harm.
I would look up into your eyes,
and all the love I would see.
How you could be so loving

and caring daddy’

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